The Usual Suspects vs. Jurassic Park



Jurassic Park.

Yep, but I need to rewatch TUS.

The Usual Suspects is the better film in terms of writing, acting and lack of flaws, but Jurassic Park is still incredibly entertaining, plus I grew up with it, so naturally I'll go for JP.

Suspects is the easy choice here.

Love them both. both are top 100 for sure. I'm going with Jurassic here.

My bias for Jurassic Park makes it a tough one to compete with.

I didn't like Usual Suspects. It's overrated. Jurassic Park all the way.

I love Suspects on the first watch, but rewatching it, it does seem a bit overrated.... while Jurassic Park never fails to entertain me.

Usual Suspects gets old.. Jurassic Park is better

Jurassic Park has held up better over several rewatches. Usual Suspects is entertaining, too.