The Usual Suspects vs. Diabolique



on 2/19/2016

Whao… no comments? Two of the best twists of all time. So tough. I’m going with Diabolique for now.

on 2/20/2016

Diabolique has a fantastic twist and I liked the film overall, but for me The Usual Suspects is much better.

on 2/20/2016

I feel I need to revisit both but for now, I enjoy Diabolique and really enjoy Usual Suspects

on 5/21/2016

I honestly don't get the love for Diabolique. I wasn't aware there was a "twist" going in and I still figured it out as soon as the body went missing. The acting is flat, the plot needlessly complex because the characters don't behave like human beings... it really is well shot, but that doesn't get you much in my book. Usual Suspects crushes this match up.