The Usual Suspects vs. The Godfather



I don't care, I'm going with the Usual Suspects

It's the usual suspects for me ...

Cazale alone knocks the socks off of everyone in the Usual, let alone Caan and Pacino and Brando and the horse.

Simply the best movie of all time.

How do I choose? This site isn't supposed to cause pure agony. Or is it....?

The Godfather is better than The Usual Suspects, only by a nose.

Gotta go with Godfather again.

Keyser Soze sleeps with the fishes on this one.

The Usual Suspects: Epic Ending. The Godfather: Epic Film. 'Nuff said.

Both are in my top five, but Godfather edges this one out.

Hmm... Definitely The Godfather.

Notoriety aside, The Usual Suspects is the more enjoyable film for me.

The Godfather...easy.

The Usual Suspects was good but I didn't love it. The plot twist was amazing but even that twist isn't as amazing as anything in the Godfather!

Keyser Soze vs. The Don. Wow... Still can't get over this matchup!!!

TUS is really a masterpiece. ive seen it quite a few times & i really like it. All that being said TGF is better.

The Godfather for me as well.

No disrespect to Godfather, but I enjoy Suspects more.

My two favorite crime movies, Godfather by a nose

Enough said yes

The Godfather wins because it's simply much better.

I kinda saw the Keyser twist coming as soon as Spacey started shaking his head at the detective's description of what "really" happened.




Keyser Soze > Don Vito Corleone

The Keyser twist nowadays is pretty predictable, but it really doesn't hurt the film for me. Some twists have twists that aren't all that hard to predict, which don't change their quality by that much. The twist is still extremely satisfying, and they cleverly reveal the information without ever outright saying that he's Soze, just giving us enough details to put it together ourselves. It's an expertly shot and brilliantly edited film with multilayered and nuanced writing and characters, that implements multiple twists and turns before its final massive twist. The twist, as much as I can see it coming, still puts a massive smile on my face every time. However...The Godfather still takes this.