The Usual Suspects vs. The Matrix



Love each of these films.

So very hard to choose, I really love Usual Suspects, but... Matrix.

I'm going with The Matrix here only because The Usual Suspects loses some of its awesomeness after the first time you see it.

The Matrix. It's almost infinitely re-watchable. The Usual Suspects feels more of a gimmick than a movie the more you watch it and the second half of the second act drags.

I'm going with The Usual Suspects over Matrix. True, The Usual Suspects is somehow boring to re-watch, but at the end of the day, you have to agree on the fact that it is a movie with both style and substance. Great, and I really mean great, atmosphere throughout. One view >> The Usual Suspects. More than one view >> The Matrix. Still, I choose The Usual Suspects.

The Matrix. Supreme film of the 90's

The Matrix is a great film, but the Usual Suspects has better acting, dialogue, and pacing. US is heads and shoulders above the Matrix.

TUS. The Matrix sucked.

The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was making people believe the Matrix was better than The Usual Suspects

Though I feel this may change once I watch Usual Suspects more times, I'll have to give it to Matrix. Both are great, but I find the Matrix more involving.

Love both, but my affinity for The Usual Suspect's outweighs my intrigue with The Matrix. For now...

Good matchup, but Suspects wins.

The Matrix, love both though

the usual suspects has one of the best twist endings in history

I'll go with The Matrix.

Usual Suspects may have an amazing plot twist, but I believe it should not be the crux of the movie. Matrix wins.

Tech and visuals of the Matrix win out over the excellent storytelling of The Usual Suspects.

Usual Suspects