Ice Age vs. Finding Nemo



I like both movies, but I prefer Ice Age!

I liked Nemo a lot more. Oceans are better than Ice.

I didn't like either all that much, but Ice Age is probably slightly better.

I cannot allow an instant Pixar classic to lose to a 20th Century Fox film with a lackluster voice cast. Finding Nemo is much greater a story and told much better.

Nemo for sure, Ice Age isn't even in the same league...

Am I the only one who did not like Nemo? Ice Age was cute. Nemo was boring as heck.

FINDING NEMO OR ICE AGE?! Who do they think I am, Jesus?! how the hell am I gonna pick?

Easy one. Ice Age is very good- but not even close to the greatness of Finding Nemo.

Im probably Ice Ages #1 fan... no one really seems to like it all that much. This is a very tough matchup, im gonna go with Finding Nemo just barely.

Finding Nemo. Not Pixar's greatest, but still very good.

Finding Nemo was a lot better. Ice Age was entertaining enough but pretty ordinary, even the animation wasn't as good as Pixar's classic. Nemo by far.

Pixar. Nuff said.

I have a ton of love for Ice Age, but I just can't pick it over Nemo in good conscious...

Pixar rules animation

Ice age rules, finding memo drools.

Ice age wins for me


I preferred Ice Age.