One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest vs. 2001: A Space Odyssey



That's tough one, but 2001 is one of my all time favorites.

one of the toughest questions ever. the acting in cuckoo's gives it the win for me.

Really tough decision. I guess I'll give it to Cuckoo's Nest for drama.

Gotta go Cuckoo's next...but quite the tough call.

I'll lean more over to the 2001 side on this one.

not easy, but cuckoos it is

cuckoo's nest actually

Both are fantastic but, I have to side with Cuckoo's Nest on this one...

Sorry Kubrick...

Very Hard Decision but right now im leaning towards 2001

Cuckoo's Nest is still good, but 2001 is much overvalue phenomenal, astonishing of all time.


Very close competively speaking but 2001 gets the nod.

"Ahh, juicy fruit" Both of these movies contain some of my favorite scenes i've ever seen.Gotta give it to that journey through the stargate. It makes you think a little bit more. Ever seen 2001 while utterly zoinked? It's the trip of your life.

Nest is great but 2001 is cult