Suicide Squad vs. The Suicide Squad



To be fair to the 2016 movie it's clearly a horribly edited version of whatever the director intended but I don't think a better cut would have saved it from being mostly bad as opposed to absolutely dreadful. Suicide Squad 2021 is everything the 2016 movie isn't. It gets the tone spot on, the violence is gleefully outlandish and while not all the jokes deliver the majority work really well. Easily my favourite DCEU movie so far, James Gunn nailed it.

I'm one of the few people that like "Suicide Squad", but I agree "THE Suicide Squad" blows it out of the water

Trash vs Dumb Chaos ... honestly, h ow to choose? Unless you are emotionally 12 years old, you'll hate both of these wastes.


The Ayer/WB execs 2016 movie was horrible, but surprisingly not as horrible as BVS. Still, it was mostly a miserable experience. I doubt the Ayer Cut would be much better, looking at his filmography he's not that good of a director. Gunn's The Suicide Squad was the exact opposite of miserable and succeeded extremely well as a good film.

I did enjoy both, but I loved the laughs in Gunn's version...

The cut is way far better than that terrible crap 2016 one, the cut has one of the funniest charming moments

Honestly you can quit watching after the title of the 2021 movie comes on and it’s already a better Suicide Squad movie than the previous one.

I don't think the new Suicide Squad movie was all that impressive, but it's obviously the winner here


The new one is masterpiece theater in comparison.