Suicide Squad vs. Iron Man 2



Both of these movies felt like they suffered from studio interference. I'm going with Suicide Squad because I felt it felt more like a movie whereas Iron Man 2 felt more like a series of random events that happened to take place before The Avengers.

I'm pretty much hooked on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so Iron Man 2 wins with me easily. Both movies had major problems, though.

Iron Man 2 has charm and some great dialogue at least. Both movies have piss poor action. Suicide Squad is so very moronic in terms of story and character.

Im going with Iron Man 2. There was a lot of things wrong with Suicide Squad.

Eh, I'm going to reverse myself and give this one to Suicide Squad (by the slightest of margins). It's just such a bizarre movie, I can't help but dig it. I'll probably change my mind again a year from now, but whatever...

Suicide Squad is so bad that they literally should ban it from ever being shown to adults ANYWHERE.

Yeah, I change my mind again (of course). Suicide Squad just has too many flaws I can no longer overlook. Iron Man 2 wins.

both are bad, i am going with iron man 2 since i liked justin hammer and tony stark

Iron Man 2 is of quality ilk. Suicide Squad is a laughable dumpster fire.