WandaVision vs. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier




Well here they are. The first two Disney Plus shows. Loved them both but I was more excited & interested in WandaVision.

Awful. This coming from a huge Marvel fan. Race baiting vs some style and a whole lot of nothing? Both efforts are bad and both featured way too much filler and limited substance. I'll take WandaVision because at least it wasn't insulting and try and push a divisive agenda or false narratives to blatantly race bait. Disney + is a sad 0-2. Maybe Marvel Studios can't handle long form story telling?

what is with the mcu shows starting great but ending garbage

Really subpar. Hated most things about both. Neither show started strong but both finished terribly. The race taunting and division and basic false BLM trash made Falcon much much more unbearable. Disgusting really.

Guys, TFatWS isn't *really* leftist or "woke" or anti-cop/military (quite the opposite, actually), it's just playing performative lip service to all that stuff and lacks a cohesive ideological identity. In which case, what's the point of building a whole show around that? It's garbage as a narrative too. WandaVision was overhyped, sure, and I wish they hadn't tried to explain EVERYTHING because I liked it best when it was weirdest and most surreal, but hey, it had a focus. It's a no-brainer for me.

Both of these are so badly written and it shows. And yes agenda and the "WOKE" overtakes most but EVERY single aspect of the dreadful Falcon show.