Persona vs. Napoleon Dynamite



THIS IS A RETARDED MATCHUP, GUYS! Persona is a challenging, challenging movie. Here's my deciding vote. Napoleon Dynomite 'aint really worth seeing again and again, but Persona is to tough that I'll probably watch it several more times in my life. So that's that.

No doubt, Persona is better.

Dear God...

I hate to be "that guy", but Persona's a load of wank.

Good thing this is a discussion of personal preferences...because this is a very easy one for me. Vote For Pedro...

Persona has nearly the exact opposite of everything I want in a film. I'll take Napoleon Dynamite over it every time.

Persona is the only Ingmar Bergman film I've seen and I tend to agree with UncleFok, although I'll take it over Napoleon Dynamite.

Persona is art

Persona is a million times better than Napoleon Dynamite

persona sux pretentious bawlzz


Persona is just better but I love Napoleon and would vote for Pedro.

It's really funny how many comments there are for this match up.

Persona is my favourite film of all time. Napoleon Dynamite is an interesting and unique attempt at a comedy, but unfortunately, a comedy film where I can count the amount of times I laughed is not a very good comedy. I laughed only 3 times watching Napoleon Dynamite.