The Simpsons Movie vs. Shrek 2



Two lovable oafs face off in the Flickchart arena. Shrek and Homer Simpson. Shrek 2 one-upped the original. On the other hand, The Simpsons Movie made up for the downturn in quality of The Simpsons over recent years. It was vintage Simpsons. For that, it cannot lose here.

The Simpsons. If it was against the original Shrek, that would have been a different question.

Given how favorable my re-watch of Shrek 2 was, I feel I was a tad hasty in choosing The Simpsons over Shrek 2, and referring to Shrek 2 as an improvement over the original. As far as both are concerned, I was in the wrong. Round 2 goes to you, Shrek 2.

well, shrek 2 is what it is, a sequel - on the other hand, that was the 1st simpsons movie, which is kind of historical.

"Shrek 2" is easily my favorite from that series; not only do I find the humor sharper, but I really relate to feeling inadequate for the woman you love. Never much of a "Simpsons" fan (though I thought the movie was enjoyable). Shrek wins.

Shrek 2 ftw.

Simpsons movie. Shrek 2 is okay.

Shrek 2. The Simpsons Movie was incredibly weak. And it didn't help that I saw it dubbed in Dutch. Man, horrible voice acting *shiver*. I blame the European DVD for having such a bad menu.

The Simpsons movie was not a very good movie at all. So, Shrek 2 by far.

Both are excellent movies, but Shrek 2 is my favorite movie of all time!

The Simpson's felt like a long television show. Shrek 2 although not as good as the original was at least big screen worthy.