The Simpsons Movie vs. South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut



South Park actually feels like a movie while Simpsons just feels like an elongated episode.

And I wish South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut had felt more like an elongated episode because, though I'm not a fan, I recall actually getting some laughs out of the show, whereas there were none to be had in the movie. To me, it was just a movie trying to be funny and offensive and failing in both respects. All it has is a plethora of swears and fart/poop jokes, none of which are the least bit funny. The Simpsons Movie, on the other hand, not only felt like an elongated episode, but an elongated episode from its glory days. Hell, Spider Pig alone was funnier than the entirety of South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut.

The Simpsons also does something really special with it's almost dreamy visuals but in the end, South Park was a more memorable film with it's all-out profanity, enjoyable songs, and intriguing ideas.

The Simpsons Movie is amazing, and South Park is good. The Simpsons Movie wins it for me, because I've always been partial to the TV show over any other animated shows.

what i dont like about simpsons is that it gets crappy, the quality is bad and it dosent get very funny. i prefer south park, because it is a class comedy and inspires me.

prefiro simpsons pois é uma ideia melhor do que a do south park

Both were funny, but South Park is a step above. Just ask...what would Brian Boitano do?

I walked out of the cinemas of the Simpsons Movie unsatisfied. At that time when I watched it, it had a whopping 9.4/10 on imdb with a few thousand votes behind it. And I thought it might live up to that rating, instead i'd give it a 7/10. South Park however is much more funnier and maturer.

So it's South Park vs Simpsons eh? Love both shows and their movies but South Park movie has really grown on me over the years since I first saw it. The finale with ultimate curse weapon and unmasking of Kenny is simply unforgettable.

Something the South Park movie gets right is that it is about what the show is about. The show features swears, bad animation and toilet humor, not to mention it received much outrage from parents, so the films follows that thematically. The Simpsons TV show is not about environmentalism, the EPA, or governmental incompetence. That is my big pet peeve for the Simpsons Movie. I love the Homer and Bart stuff, and I like how every family member has a character arc. But overall, Bigger, Longer and Uncut is less flawed, better written and one of my all-time favorite films.

The South Park movie delivered exactly what it promised, it took a very funny show and made it bigger and better, and show has become better and smarter ever since. The Simpsons Movie took a show that had gone pretty much everywhere, was a decade into a rapid decline in quality and, despite failing to entertain people for 22 minutes each week, tried to do so for 87 minutes.

The Simpsons movie just isn't good. Rewatch some older episodes and you'll find much more clever writing, much funnier jokes and better executed social commentary. The Simpsons Movie is mediocre, mostly unfunny, dumb and random. Y'know, like The Simpsons nowadays.

South Park.

Easily South Park. It was more clever and had better writing overall.

South Park easily.

I perfer South Park because it's funny interest what gone in 4 of those and it puts it out on the Simpsons

South Park.

I'm not a fan of either movie but it was nice seeing the Simpsons on the big screen (slidenote: I love the first 9 seasons of the show!).

The Simpsons movie was great as was their first 6 or 7 seasons. Don't let the disgrace of a show that still lingers today taint how good it used to be. Meanwhile, South Park always was juvenile stupidity.

Both were good charming funny flicks but South Park is most of my type.


South Park is too funny to lose here.

The Simpson's movie was good, but yeah I prefer South Park. South Park has always been a very smartly written show underneath the profanity and vulgarity. Yes, there's a bunch of f-words and profanity, but the movie is one of the best shows when it comes to good satire, and it's one of the aspects that really only got better with time. As for Bigger, Longer, Uncut...what's there to say? The movie has amazing and memorable songs, likeable characters that are still great to this day, great satire, and it's just hilarious.