An American Werewolf in London vs. An American Werewolf in Paris



on 11/10/2010

No comments on this? Paris stinks. No contest.

on 2/11/2011

Saw "Paris" first. Sad I did. "London" takes it.

on 3/17/2014

Paris is simple and unoriginal London is scary realistic and very funny a true classic

on 3/28/2014

I don't really know what was realistic about London, but it whoops that ass. Paris was a childhood favorite, but, Landis doing a horror movie was a gift sent from the movie gods. The only thing Paris has going for it is my nostalgia.

on 5/4/2014

in realistic i mean the transformation scene it felt like it could happen and it didnt hold back- Paris was 2nd rate it was good but left you wanting more it wasnt all that shocking or brutal as london was

on 11/1/2015

I also saw Paris first. I don't remember anything about the scares, but I do remember the "comedy" not being funny. I finally saw London a few years ago. It is a true horror classic.