An American Werewolf in London vs. The Exorcist



Surprised no one's commented on this pairing... Kind of a tough one...

These are two of the most influential horror films from my younger days, as far as getting me interested in the genre. I just rewatched An American Werewolf in London after not having seen it for many years. I think it holds up fairly well, but it seems to lose something after the first werewolf killing spree. Well, maybe the actual killing spree is lacking, too. I'm not as enthusiastic about The Exorcist as I once was, so maybe both of these films are dimming stars in my movie universe. The Exorcist does still manage to have some visceral impact on me, though. Werewolf has mostly stuck in my mind for the nightmare parts, and Griffin Dunne's rotting ghost (and maybe Jenny Agutter). David Naughton isn't that interesting on his own. So, I guess The Exorcist is still overall the better movie.

I recently saw both. I think werewolf had a great first half and then fell apart. However, I didn't get why The Exorcist was a classic at all. I didn't find it frightening in the least and was frankly a bit bored with it. I'll give it to werewolf for the first half.

The Exorcist is one of the greatest horror movies ever and I think it holds up incredibly well. I recently saw An American Werewolf in London and thought it had a very amateur screenplay and that David Naughton was a boring male lead. It survives only because of a few well-staged f/x moments and Griffin Dunne's humor as the decomposing ghost.

hmm man both a fantasticly awesome but I think The Exorcist is my choice

I like watching Werewolf in London more its funny has great effects and style pure greatness but Exorcist is deep and a great loss of innocence film scary and powerful those who find it boring dont understand the complex characters and point of the film or are adhd tweens! or novice movie watchers! Exorcist wins!

Love them both. Exorcist wins.

This is an easy, easy win for the Exorcist...