Captain Blood vs. The Adventures of Robin Hood



Two great Flynn/de Havilland/Rathbone/Curtiz flicks. Captain Blood came first, but I think I'm going to have to choose Robin Hood for its classic storyline and gorgeous Technicolor.

I love these movies, but I think Captain Blood is more sophisticated. More miraculously: it's more badass. Between these two, Errol Flynn was the greatest swashbuckler ever.

Captain Blood does seem more sophisticated, but The Adventures of Robin Hood is pure adventure and it's a movie I grew up with so, the choice is obvious for me.

Two great films. Forget Vin Diesel or even Steve McQueen - Errol Flynn was the greatest action star in film history. I give a very slight edge to Robin Hood because of the beautiful Technicolor, and because Basil Rathbone gets more screen time as the villain.

I'll go Captain Blood...

Robin Hood

I've always loved the Adventures of Robin Hood, thinking it's the BEST version of Robin Hood ever filmed--ever. For this reason alone, I have to give this match to Robin over Captain Blood. But the acting was better, the villains were more villainous, and the movie was better. Captain Blood still rocks, though.

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Both great Flynn classics, but Adventures of Robin Hood has an incredible score and some amazing and legendary scenes while Captain Blood, not so much.

Yeah I suppose Captain Blood.