Fantasia vs. Pinocchio



Most people either love or hate Fantasia. I quite enjoyed it. Much more of an upside than Pinocchio in my opinion.

Walt Disney's first five animated features really were home runs. Snow White, Pinocchio, Fantasia, Dumbo, and Bambi were all fantastic films. (I haven't seen Saludos Amigos yet, but The Three Caballeros was absolutely terrible, a complete strikeout to continue the baseball analogy) Of these five, Fantasia is probably the least popular, which is quite unfortunate as it's not a plot-driven film, but a study of how music and animation can intertwine to make a work of beauty. Couple it with later pieces Melody Time and Make Mine Music, and you really see what Walt thought was possible. None of those three movies will keep the kids entertained, but if you're patient and take the time to appreciate them, you will be well rewarded. That being said, I'm giving the nod to Pinocchio based on childhood fondness. You can't go wrong with either, though.


I have a childhood fondness for Pinocchio as well but Fantasia is a brilliant combination of animation and world class music. Fantasia is a masterful achievement and wins here.

Fantasia wasn't a movie: it was a bunch of desktop screen savers.

lol thats a way to put it JLFM i will go Fantasia but both arent anything special.

Generally considered the two pinnacles of Disney's art, and hence American feature animation. I prefer Bambi to both. In the choice between the two, though, I guess I go with Fantasia, which has a variety and brilliance to it few films can approach.

Such ignorance here. Fantasia is a masterpiece that seems to have hardly aged in more than seventy years.

They are both classic, but I think I will go with Pinocchio.

Pinocchio is a terrific and smart animated film, but Fantasia is a much better cartoon one to be honest.