Warrior vs. The Fighter



WHAT Craziest Match up ever!!!!!!

These movies are not similar. Sure, they're both family dramas advertised as combat sports movies, but really they aren't similar. The Fighter is a drama (which, fair enough, does contain its share of silliness). Warrior is a melodrama. I've said enough about The Fighter and I know where I stand on it. Warrior is not just a script that contains clichés, but it's actually a sequence of clichés that tries to distract you with segments that would traditionally be recognised as an actual script. It's ilk is not The Fighter, Rocky, or Raging Bull because it belongs with Never Back Down, Rocky IV, We Are Marshall and The Mighty Ducks. Very syrupy. I think the only trope it managed to avoid was an infectiously cheesy soundtrack. Fuck it though, 'cause I was enjoying the hell out of this melodrama until it betrayed me twice with the one contrivance that I hate almost as much as 'The player that finds true love when he admits he's been hurt in the past and stops sublimating his feelings of rejection with casual sex'... [SPOILERS] 'The underdog that wins out against opponents that are just better than he is'. And Warrior does it at least twice. In a row. Why the hell do people like fellating the underdog so much? Why do studio execs insist on pandering? (Both are rhetorical questions of course... we know why.)

Maybe they always have the underdogs win so that it could give the audience a false sense of hope? I don't know. Sure Warrior was full of clichés, but I still enjoyed it quite immensely.

Sure, Warrior was manipulative as hell...but I forgive it. I still give a slight edge to The Fighter because it has a more succinct story.

Warrior Hands Down

The Fighter, easily. I don't think it's perfect or anything, but Warrior can't compete.

Love em both, but I think I'll go with Warrior.

I enjoyed Warrior, but The Fighter was a more well-rounded film with a better-written focus on the relationships that drive the plot forward. Also, I'd like to make a special note about how music was used in The Fighter; every song used in the film, whether referenced by characters or played over scenes, really elevated the emotional content throughout and that kind of technical support for the dramatic aspects make for a profound film.

While the ending of Warrior was amazing, I feel I was more overall compelled by The Fighter.

The fight sequences in Warrior are much better, and I felt more during the fights and they gripped my attention much much more than the fighter. However, I think those feelings were not earned by the movie itself, rather just by the familiarity of the underdog. The story in the Fighter was much more moving, to me. I'd say the acting in both were outstanding, and in my ranks would go Bale, Hardy, Nolte, Walberg.

The warrior was hella emotional, but overall, 'The Fighter' had a more impressive storyline that had me intrigued from the beginning

These two are separated by 10 spots on my chart. Love 'em both...but unless we are talking Rocky IV, bottom line is that I'm an MMA guy. Warrior defines all the right things about the sport...with some amazing performances to boot...


Iove both but i'll go warrior

the fighter by far... warrior is simply a fictional underdog... same reason Raging Bull > Rocky

Fighter easy

I really like both. I think I'll go with The Fighter.

This is Warrior for me by a lot.

Both are fantastic films, but in the end the Warrior just has a little more kick to it....pun intended.

Warrior by a fucking mile, The Fighter lacked focus in my opinion. Warrior was FAR more emotional and satisfying, and although they probably aren't better actors overall, I do believe Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Nick Nolte's performances destroy Christian Bale and Mark Walhberg's performances.