Warrior vs. This Means War



I don't know how he could have done both of these movies. This Means War? Tom, what were you thinking.

The best way I can figure out to describe This Means War is like this: Picture going to a fancy restaurant. There's a few chefs their, and they are cooking their asses off. It kind of mesmerizes you watching them work, fluid and natural. Then your food comes (which is why you came in the first place) and realize they've been cooking hot pockets. Grant it, they've made the most out of the hot pockets you could have hoped for, and you're surprised it was as good as it was, but it's still a hot pocket.

Warrior is solid on every level. I've seen worse than This Means War...but Warrior is easily the pick here...

Solid on every level? I will say that philosophically Warrior offends me more that This Means War. I enjoyed them both well enough though.

Warrior wins this one.