Warrior vs. Bronson



Warrior is the better Tom Hardy movie.

Bronson- it's no masterpiece but it topples the other choice. I thought Warrior was ok, but I don't get the cult following that it's been amassing.

Both feature brilliant performances by Tom Hardy, but Warrior is better overall.

I like Warrior, but Bronson was killer IMO. Warrior is structured more fluent and as a easier watch, but Bronson went a different direction and I think Refn nailed it. I'm a sucker for style, as long as the acting and story can back it up.

Fuuu. Well, Warrior had an incredibly emotional impact on me at the end of it and it didn't even have that great of character development. It was real strange. Tom Hardy is the greatest thing about Bronson; he's a genius in that movie. But, if I had to choose, which I do now, it has to be Warrior.