The Hobbit vs. The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey



I thought the Rankin/Bass version of the Hobbit was quite good. It's entertaining, I like (most of) the songs, and the voicework is great. It has a charm to it that the other LotR movies and the new Hobbit don't really have. And it definitely isn't as drawn out as the new one; it moves at a nice pace. I'll go with the new one though. It has a better Bilbo, a better score, beautiful imagery and more fleshed out characters. But I do like the Rankin/Bass Hobbit almost as much.


I enjoyed the rankin bass hobbit but peter jacksons is better.

I'm going with the team on this one.

going with the live action version its magical and epic.

Its LOTRs baby, it's all good! Some just better than others is all.