Clerks. vs. Pulp Fiction



These grunge comedies sowed the seeds for an entire crop of talky, profane independent films that we're still suffering through. Both films try to own their grunge status -- CLERKS by wearing it's class like a badge of honor, while PULP FICTION project it's own self-esteem issues onto pre-existing sleaze cinema -- but the legacy left behind by both is equally worthless. In a pinch, give me the good-natured CLERKS; if Tarantino must be mentioned, I would nominate INGLOURIOUS BASTERDS to represent his best work.

some people love their Shawshank and Forrest, but for me 1994 was about young writer directors and their innovative dialouge in their stellar independent features. PF is an easy winner here, but both are excellent movies.


No doubt about it, two great films with witty and intelligent dialogue. Pulp Fiction is definitely on another level though, purely because of its great performances and script. I love how both films feel more like live plays on a stage, than actual movies.

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Two of quite possibly the best all-around films of 1994. Pulp FIction wins on its pure innovation and dialogue.

Clerks is the better film of 1994. Both are exactly what Protozoid said, but in a positive context.

Pulp Fiction wins this one for sure.

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You forgot the exclamation mark, JC! Lol.

Ha Ha yep. I also misquoted it. :(

Love both but pulp is better even though clerks is gunner to watch.