Clerks. vs. Wayne's World



While Wayne's world is excellent, clerks has more depth.

I never noticed much depth in clerks or Wayne's World but Wayne's World did have a decent story and quite a few laughs

Only one of these was an astonishing picture. The other was as good as advertised, which is pretty good, but no contest here.

Two movies I always enjoy watching, but this time out it's gonna have to be Clerks.

Both movies are hugely quotable. Only just realised they're from the same decade! Clerks wins for me.

both are great and great to watch... I can't choose


Clerks had more to offer than an extended SNL skit. Clerks was a priceless quotable comedy classic.

While I love Wayne's World, I honestly couldn't watch it as often as I do Clerks.

I'm going with "Wayne's World" and I'm doing it without any hesitation. I was amused by "Clerks," but not wowed by it. "WW" has its flaws, but I still like it each time I see it.

Clerks is more natural, more gritty, less wholesome. It is NJ vs Illinois. NJ wins!

The real question is would you rather play hockey on a roof or in the street?

I found Clerks to be an insufferable bore, especially compared to other Smith movies. WW by default....

As a teen of the 90s, Clerks was a defining film of my generation. Wayne's World was not.

IF the question was Kevin Smith x Mike Myers i would easily choose the world-wide famous big ol' nerd. I really respect his work...BUT,since it's 90's classic against classic, Wayne's World will like,totally win dude. I miss those characters.

Wayne's World does little for me. Stupidity has its worth, but the characters in Wayne's World are too far gone.