Pitch Black vs. xXx



Two of Vin Diesel's best films (thats not saying much). however, I'm going with XXX here.


Put my X on XXX.

Pitch Black is a fun little sci-fi horror flick. I enjoy it. xXx is just silly.

XXX is an embarrassment for many reasons but Samuel Jackson's makeup being chief among them.

XXX - I have watched this 50 times and will watch it again and again. It's epic and has a rammstein song xD

I'll go with XXX, Pitch Black is a bit too slow for me.

Every actor has a group of films that made them famous. Jim Carrey (Ace, Mask & Dumb & Dumber) & Will Smith (MIB, Bad Boys & ID) are good examples. Vin has these two and F&F of course. I’ll take the more original & cooler of these two. Pitch Black. I will admit that Vin’s peak was during this run. Other than the Fast films, he isn’t a box office draw.