The Hunchback of Notre Dame vs. Mulan



I was never a huge fan of Hunchback. Mulan, meanwhile, is really great, and underrated as a Disney animated film.

Hunchback is a brilliant visual spectacle with great music. The gargoyles are silly and "God Help the Outcasts" is a little too touchy-feely for my tastes, but for me it's the easier winner here.

Mulan sucks and is very bad animated. Hunchback of Notre Dame wins here.

I don't think Mulan sucks, in fact I think it's very good, just not as good as Hunback. It's so epic, grandiose and overall very well made.

Gotta go with Hunchback this time.

I think The Hunchback of Notre Dame is better than Mulan. The Disney animation of this movie is purely powerful with the effects, like ringing bells, roaring fires, gargoyle friendships, and playing gypsy music.

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is way better than Mulan.

Hunchback, no problem

Notre Dame 28 Mulan 24 ... Fightin' Irish!

Hunchback is a work of art and I adore it, but Mulan is just a little more special to me.