Star Wars: The Force Awakens vs. Star Wars: The Last Jedi




TFA was structurally a ripoff of ANH, but at least it was tonally good, and constantly coherent, unlike TLJ, which is a weird mess of great stuff, and what the fuck am I watching shit.

Last Jedi was masterful and better than Force Awakens.

I don't know, not really into either of them. Force Awakens was too much of a retread for me to enjoy it, Last Jedi felt too long with unnecessary scenes. I'll go with Force Awakens for now.

I loved The Force Awakens when it released, and I still love it just as much today. I can't quite put my finger on why I just wasn't that into The Last Jedi. Don't get me wrong, it's still a good movie. But the first half really seemed to drag on. It wasn't until the last hour or so that it became utterly amazing. Maybe I'll like The Last Jedi a bit more with repeat viewings, but for now, I'm sticking with The Force Awakens.

The Force Awakens set the groundwork for this new Disney-made Star Wars series, while The Last Jedi built upon and improved it tremendously. With the first two trilogies, I liked a couple of the movies (three total, to be exact), but couldn't give a ringing endorsement of any. The Force Awakens reached the height of those first two trilogies right out of the gate, and The Last Jedi simply eclipsed it.

Force Awakens got the saga running again but followed A New Hope a little too closely (A third death star!!). Last Jedi totally revolutionized the Star Wars saga. It took the cliche expectations and relationships and threw it on its head. Even little stuff like Poe and Finn's plot arc seemed like typical Star Wars sequences until they completely changed and developed the characters in the process. It wasn't perfect but was far superior to Episode 7 in creativity, uniqueness and plot development.

The Last Jedi is such a mixed bag with a lot good. Yet, them crapping on what made Luke great really really hurts the overall rating... Force Awakens is better.

The Last Jedi for not having so many loose ends and better more emotionally investing action

The Force Awakens was a better film. 2 things the Last Jedi did terribly wrong......1. did not deliver on the loose ends set up by TFA. And 2. the death of Snoke and Luke were both very unsatisfying. Where Empire took New Hope and expanded on it, the Last Jedi does.not for TFA.

TLJ probably did more wrong than TFA, but weirdly I don't mind. TFA was a very safe film and nothing about it made me want to go back and watch it again. TLJ definitely has its flaws, particularly in the story (plot rather than themes or characters), but the highs which it does hit are much higher than anything attained in TFA. I've read plenty of negative reviews and I don't disagree with the majority of what has been said, but the flaws of TLJ don't bother me nearly as much as those of TFA. Jedi wins.

The marvel styled “rip you out of the movie with terrible jokes that remind you your watching a movie” humor is what kept holding the last Jedi back. But most of the movie did work for me, the force awakens was more consistent in quality for sure. So FA takes this one for me.

I love both of these movies -- and while TLJ is more obviously flawed in ways, it also is a much deeper, more purposeful movie. Still, both of these are in my top 5 SW movies.

Both movies are flawed. I don't know how I feel comparing these two to the other trilogies yet, but I did enjoy both nonetheless. TFA tries too hard to win back the fans of the original trilogy and TLJ tacks on forced character moments, primarily in the second act that bog down the movie and are ultimately unsatisfying. TFA has great moments, but I think TLJ wins slightly with its use of subverting the expectations of the viewer. Because of this, TLJ gets a slight edge over TFA, but only because I think TLJ tells a better, more original story than TFA.

Last Jedi for aiming the franchise in a whole new direction and showcasing excellent action/character development.

Force Awakens is much better for me

The Last Jedi broke the conventional wheel of Star Wars filmmaking. The washed-up, personally flawed Luke; Snoke's bombshell death; Kylo Ren's further development as a troubled sociopath. The political angle implemented through Canto Bright was also a nice touch. The Force Awakens is a great film, no doubt, but it feels a little too much like a retread of Episode IV. The eighth instalment in this franchise has more standalone value.

I often argue that The Force Awakens was the movie it NEEDED to be, in being the referential "remake" that it was. It was Disney's way of saying what kind of Star Wars movies they wanted to make, and what they wanted to avoid. That said, The Last Jedi NEEDED to be better than TFA, and I don't think it succeeded. I don't think it's worse, and we aren't in prequel territory, but it was not really what I hoped. I do think my biggest problem is what essentially amounts to the character assassination of Luke. This is not our hero, and I think that's a misstep. I don't hate the movie; it just didn't live up to my expectations (which were, perhaps, high). As for this particular matchup, I think I'm just gonna let my chart sort it out.

In fact, after adding Last Jedi to my chart, it's wound up over 200 spots below TFA. I feel no need to "fix" either film's ranking at the moment.

I totally agree with johnmason and BoggsiesMovies. Not that I didn't enjoy The Last Jedi (I certainly did to some extent), but the way it treats most of its characters (especially Luke, Snoke and Finn) it just feels kind of empty and ultimately doesn't come close to TFA or the original trilogy. TLJ will also make it hard for Episode IX to really become much more than an add-on because it killed off too many characters and leaves us with basically only Kylo as the sole and, for a variety of reasons, unconvincing villain. While some scenes of TLJ were rather strong, the points mentioned and the horrendous idea to copy The Return of the King's 375 different endings keep it from being mentioned in the same breath as its predecessor(s).

The Last Jedi

The Force Awakens

The Force Awakens for me.

The Force Awakens is nostalgic, Star Wars comfort food. Which was exactly what we needed at the time. That being said, The Last Jedi is everything I want in a Star Wars film, and then some. It's hard to go back and watch TFA now, because it just reminds me of how The Last Jedi did everything much better. TLJ is my third favorite Star Wars behind A New Hope and Empire, so it easily takes the cake here.

To think that people that hated TFA now like it all because they were disappointed by TLJ.

Didn't even enjoy Rey in Last Jedi. Episode IX might be a chore. The Force Awakens>The Last Jedi

I hate how people are complaining about Luke's character in TLJ. It's a ridiculously well written character arc and was perfect for the subversive tone of TLJ. I really do love TFA, but man this last movie is a real knockout from start to finish and easily ranks in my top 100 of all time. The Star Wars fanbase reaaally annoys me.

The Force Awakens was the stuff when it was released. At the time, no one was complaining about it. There were no 2 hour YouTube videos crapping all over the film. Everyone was just amazed in the cinema that we were back in the universe with some fricken great characters and exciting action. And it was all anyone was talking about for about the next month and many people saw it 2-3 times in the cinemas. Even though it had its flaws, it still was a geniuely great movie that destroyed 99% of movies released at the time! It came out at a perfect time and both reinvented the franchise and brought us all what we loved! On the contrary, The Last Jedi was a disaster. An incoherent mess with too many dull characters, plot holes, unfunny jokes, too many "oh, this has to happen so we can have this happen later" scenes and maybe the most uneventful plot in the franchise that accomplishes nothing and takes the characters from The Force Awakens nowhere at all in terms of what they learn and how they progress as characters. Also, they shy away from killing off characters, has major, time consuming plot threads that lead to "oh, the characters were long all the time" and has no emotional depth or any themes or conflict that makes "Star Wars" "Star Wars".

^"Oh the characters were wrong all the time"

The Last Jedi beats Force Awakens in almost every area. Writing, directing, cinematography, editing, pacing, and most importantly, it’s moments, characters, and emotional investment. TLJ probably has the best moments in the series.

I absolutely love them both. While I think Force Awakens is a better film overall, the Last Jedi is a better Star Wars film. The Last Jedi wins by a hair.

I absolutely loved both movies. I just couldn't understand why people didn't like TLJ. All the complaints I've heard seem to stem from the fact that this movie didn't follow all the theories or the fanfictions people had in their minds. People were upset that Luke wasn't completely perfect and heroic, or that Snoke's origin was never explained or that Rey's parents weren't Jedis. Personally, I think Rey's backstory was more poignant because they were nobodies. People forget that you cant explain everything in the 'middle' of a trilogy, what would be the point of a third movie? Anyway, I'm starting to hear that some folks think its worse than the prequels, and that just boggles my mind. After 15 years of fans complaining about special editions and prequels, we finally get some great movies and what happens? They still complain. Sorry for my rant, just had to get it off my chest. So yes, I'm gonna go with TLJ.


The Last Jedi has too many plot holes and seemed bloated and contrived in comparison and I still enjoyed every over the top excess but seriously The Force Awakens is the superior film .

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Ruined Luke VS Ruined Han? At least Han went out like Han...

The Last Jedi was superior. TFA was technically perfect but did not leave much of an impression.

The Force Awakens is clearly the better entry. The Last Jedi is honestly the worst Star Wars movie.

hear! hear!

The Force Awakens has another Death Star. I think that says it all. The Last Jed isn't good, but is it as derivative as Awakens? No. And Awakens made all the crap that happens in Jedi possible. Maybe if Rian Johnson directed Awakens then he wouldn't have felt the need to be so damned contrary with Jedi. We'll never know. Awakens is the worse of the two, even with with the astounding nonsense and wasted opportunities in Jedi.

Love 'em both...of course!

Watchable garbage is the most accurate/concise way to describe these two flicks. TFA was trashy mimicry from day dot, but TLJ, somehow, isn't actually any better. Go figure. You know, I think the prequels are actually more entertaining. Well, they're funny in their idiocy and can at least be used as decent meme material. The new movies just suck their own damn dicks too hard.

TFA for it having at least some structure.

not a massive fan of TFA but it's way better than TLJ

Both are bad; TFA takes it barely, though.