Star Wars: The Force Awakens vs. Captain America: The First Avenger



Fuck Cap 1 sucks bawls. TFA beats every MCU movie.

Got to go with Cap. He's two for two in good movies. Can't say the same thing about Star War's batting average.

I second lukiushaufoy comment!

Star Wars topples Cap one....

This is close. I really don't know what to pick. The Force Awakens was a major disappointment, and Captain America is one of the best MCU movies, and that don't mean shit.

Captain American:The First Aventer

Captain American:The First Avenger

Star Wars does indeed beat every Marvel movie.

Cap beats all the new Star Wars to be sure. If this were the original it would be worth the talk.

Star Wars I guess.

Got to go Cap in the upset. Never give up... Cap is all about upsets.

It's Captain America because the Marvel Universe actually is one of the few franchise Universe's that can top Star Wars. It's as simple as that.