Star Wars: The Force Awakens vs. Batman Begins



Two juggernaut films here. I really liked Star Wars but Batman is better.

Batman Begins is my favorite Batman film and it beats The Force Awakens in my book.

Star Wars pivoted and simply did it better. Force Awakens is an instant classic.

I've got this strange feeling that I want to say Batman Begins, but Star Wars is a solid 20 spots ahead of it. Guess I'm going with The Force Awakens, but maybe a re-watch is in due for these two.

Batman Begins was the fresher, more original, more emotional investing of the two. A bonafide instant classic that has now officially been upgraded to timeless.

Batman begins, for being a stunningly fresh, mind-blowingly brilliant story. SW7 is basically a rehash of a near 40 year old film, like Superman Returns.

I'm pretty sure your the only one calling Begins "timeless"

I'll take Star Wars without a second thought....

I like both these movies but Batman is superior

Batman Begins. No contest.

I feel like I could go either way. Awakens is such a fun film, but there is something about Begins I love. Begins wins today's match, tomorrow could be different. True toss up.