Sucker Punch vs. Haywire



Haywire is, in some thin regard, like the grown up sister of Sucker Punch. It's more of a meditative MA film, with very little MA (like The American meets UFC). Consequently, the casting of Gina Carano is a little bit eye-brow raising; it's not as if you needed a pro-fighter to execute these basic set pieces. Still, I think with her unemotional badassery she was a credit to the whole aloof nature of the movie. Gina Carano got swagger and is obviously very, very believable when she kicks ass, but Haywire is a bit on the slowish side. It's probably still better than Sucker Punch though.

Haywire is way better than Sucker Punch, thought not as good as something like Salt. I thought Gina Carano was quite solid in all meanings of the word. Good stuff.

I like women killing people in a more realistic manner than in a fantasy setting that offers no real excitement. When human bad guys are being beaten up, and the female action hero takes some mean hits as well, that is entertainment. Sucker Punch never really felt like the fighting meant anything. I never cared. If Sucker Punch was a video game that I was playing, I'd probably think it was cool. As a movie... nothing.