Sucker Punch vs. Black Swan



Oh, my beloveds! While I think Sucker Punch is a masterpiece, Black Swan is truly perfect.

I don't love Black Swan unconditionally like some, but it takes the duke over Sucker Punch. SP had potential, but it just wasn't realized...

You know, both films could've been about Floyd Mayweather. I guess I'll take his beautiful movement over his bitchy tactics (though, arguably, Ortiz deserved it).

Sucker Punch is bad. Worst among it's many crimes against film, women, genre, mental health, editing and fetish is the terrible, terrible reworkings of some great songs on the soundtrack. I though the insipid version of The Smith's 'Asleep' was bad, but then came 'White Rabbit' stripped of all of its edginess.. By the time 'Tomorrow Never Knows' came along, my ears were bleeding. The awful end credit version of Roxy Music's 'Love is the Drug' made me rip my ear drums from my skull. From now on, I will be watching more silent movies. Zach Snyder is bad a directing films. He is terrible at writing scripts. But when it comes to music... Zach Snyder, I hereby bar you from making any films from this point on. There is no comparison, Black Swan shows how you should do film, women, genre, mental health and editing and fetish well. It wins.

BLack swan, no doubt