Turning Red vs. Encanto



Found both to be rather underwhelming but Turning Red was still more interesting than Encanto.

I have a tween girl that loves both. I thought Encanto had better characters, music, and a story with broader appeal. I also liked Encanto's aesthetic better.

Well this matchup was inevitable. Edge to Encanto for more songs and less cringe humor

Pixar usually has the edge over Disney animation, but not here. Encanto is one of Disney’s best in the past 10-15 years, turning red is the worst Pixar movie.

Absolutely flabbergasted that Encanto is winning this... I don't get the hype... it's mediocre at best... Turning Red is not Pixar's best either, but it straight up buries Encanto six feet deep!

Encanto, but I did like Turning Red.