Bringing Up Baby vs. What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?



Battle of the classic "Baby's". I find 'Bringing Up Baby' irritating and dated. 'Baby Jane' on the other hand is still legitimately creepy...and awesome.

I love Bringing Up Baby ... it's one of the first movies I saw where I *didn't* find Katherine Hepburn irritating. Now I've discovered several more performances of hers that I enjoy; I certainly prefer her as an actress to Bette Davis, and there's nothing about Baby Jane that would make me want to revisit it.

Bringing Up Baby I think is a great film.... What Ever Happened to Baby Jane? might be the scariest

Bringing Up Baby is a perfect film! I almost want to live in it. Katherine Hepburn is an absolute doll and the way her and Carey Grant play of each other is just exiting to watch.

I Prefer Bette Davis over Hepburn anyday, plus Baby Jane is such a terrifying film it will always be a fav of mine!