Bringing Up Baby vs. Rosemary's Baby



Both have Baby i the title, but they are complete polar opposites, they both are great 10/10 films but I gotta go with Rosemarys Baby

Bringing up Baby is a grade-A comedy with sharp, well-delivered lines and a fun story. Rosemary's Baby is terrific in its playfully dark tone and its fantastic leading performance. The Polanski wins out for me.

Rosemary's murder.

Bringing Up Baby was underwhelming for me. I really like both Grant and Hepburn, but the laughs were few and far between. Rosemary's Baby, no question.

I didn't much like either, but I suppose Bringing Up Baby bored me less...

Im a huge Cary Grant fan and Bringing Up Baby is sharp funny and sweet but not a fav of mine While Rosemary's Baby Is scary terrific dark and has crazy ideas and characters! not a favorite Horror film but I like it more each time I watch it when im in the mood! the Big Baby winner here is Polanski!

love polanski's baby more than hawks'

Love both but I'm actually going to go with "Bringing Up Baby". Cary Grant, in particular, is just such a laugh riot for me in that film and it's just my kind of humour. I recently saw Bogdanovich's "What's Up, Doc?" which in many ways was a soft remake of Bringing Up Baby and as much as I liked it, I was reminded of how much I love Bringing Up Baby. I can see my decision changing in the future but for now, the dynamic of the delightfully irritable Hepburn and the naive and clumsy Grant wins out for me.

Rosemary's Baby>Bringing Up Baby