The Descent: Part 2 vs. The Descent



The sequel suffers from strained credulity and an Idiot Plot, especially with the sheriff, poor casting and inferior characterization, too much reliance on gore instead of building tension, people killed the same way and their death shot the same way, and a schlocky, tacked-on "twist" at the end. Why do all the creepers look like Jonathan Banks? And the film also fails to resolve a logical transition from either of the first film's endings. though in an interview Shauna MacDonald explained that there was originally such a resolution in the script, but it was thrown out for the sake of time. Time? Time builds tension. Time well-spent is an asset with this type of film. The sequel could have been, should have been, the Aliens to the first film. And yet The Descent 2 was still horrifying (as well as making me cry). I've seen one film after the other the past two days, and the last two nights my sleep has been disturbed...


The sequel was just AWFUL. So, so bad. I went into it with surprising optimism and left confident I've seen one of the worst films I have ever laid eyes on. The first Descent is one of my all-time favorite horror films.

The original was so damn good. I didn't have a problem with the sequel, but it doesn't sniff the first one.

the first can never be matched, but part two is a bloody great film.



Part 2 is among the worst sequels ever made.

The original's certainly better than the sequel, but "worst ever"? Definitely campy and cliche, but it's watchable. Once.