The Hangover vs. Superbad



on 3/17/2010

Hard choice!

on 11/4/2010

Hangover would win this comedy fight just because Zack Galifinakis (yes i spelled that right)

on 11/5/2010

I didn't laugh once at The Hangover so Superbad it is.

on 11/24/2010

WHY ME!!!!!!!! Dear Flickchart, you have a very addicting website but you rip me apart

on 11/24/2010

Movie is hilarious and Bradley Cooper is the shit, if you think otherwise you are ratard.

on 11/24/2010

A ratard?

on 9/4/2015

You can't just leave some nasty comments because you think it's funny. That's brutality.

on 10/6/2015

Stupid people say stupid things. Hangover wins for me. The second and third ruined the movie a little. It should have been one movie. That's like SuperBad getting a sequel because it made money.....

on 11/20/2015

Superbad, but I love both!

on 12/23/2015

The Hangover gets my vote. Although Superbad is also hilarious.

on 12/23/2015

Hangover in a near coin flip...