Garden State vs. Cloverfield



on 11/10/2011

Garden State (2004) was boring, while Cloverfield (2008) made me cringe. I can't tell which one is better, to be honest, but I choose Cloverfield just because it wasn't boring.

on 11/11/2011

Cloverfield. meh. Garden State has a high 'twee' rating, but then I'm a sucker for Manic Pixie Dream-girls. And just to prove how much of a hipster I am, I still like it after all the other hipsters who did like it have started saying it's crap. And I am the first to do this.

on 11/11/2011

Garden State was solid, but by no means memorable to me. Cloverfield wasn't perfect...but it was unique and a much better time at the movie theater...