The Aviator vs. GoodFellas



Clearly, Goodfellas is the superior Scorcese film, but The Aviator seems to me to be criminally undervalued.

I love the Aviator but there are not many films better crafted than GoodFellas.


I have to go with Goodfellas.

I disagree, I go with The Aviator on this one. I liked it more.

Fuck You, Pay Me > Way of the Future.

Like there is a contest. (Tghough I liked "The Aviator".)

As much as I admire The Aviator, GoodFellas is the better film.

Goodfellas, but only just.

lol GoodFellas. Next question.

It's sort of close, but Goodfellas is stronger.

The Aviator is underrated, it is actually oneof Leo's best. Goodfellas, though. It is better.


I agree that The Aviator is underrated but I still like Goodfellas more. Two great films from Martin Scorsese.