The Aviator vs. Gangs of New York



Sometimes I wonder if it does this on purpose.

The Aviator in my opinion is better.

DiCaprio leads Aviator to victory for me.


The Aviator is more focused and soars ahead of Gangs.

I would rather watch The Aviator any day over Gangs.

Guess I'm alone in picking "Gangs" here. A look into early American culture/crime history, etc. with an enormously entertaining, albeit over-the-top, DDL performance wrapped in a revenge story. I don't know. People always diss this movie, but I quite like it. Leo's WAY better in The Aviator, but Gangs is more unique.

I love Leo in just about everything. I'd even love him in a commercial for Depends. Anyway, I'm also going with Gangs. It's the movie I'd rather see again.

This is close but I think I take Gangs here simply for the Daniel Day Lewis factor...

I really need to revisit both of these, but I'll say GONY for now.

The Aviator is probably the better movie, but I prefer Gangs of New York.


Gangs of NY left a much stronger, long-lasting impression on me. It easily gets my vote but The Aviator is definitely a very good film.

Love them both, but I prefer The Aviator.

The Aviator has the edge.

Gangs of New York because it has one of the greatest performances ever (DDL as Bill the Butcher)

Gangs of New York is a mediocre but entertaining film. The Aviator is more or less a story film but a really good story film and it's very good technically as editing, camera-work, direction and cinematography. As more of an entertainment films by Scorsese I'll go with The Aviator

DiCaprio is my one of if not my favorite actor and while I enjoy both films, I enjoy The Aviator more.

Both are great films. DiCaprio has a better performance in The Aviator, but I thought Gangs of New york was more entertaining. Plus GONY has Daniel Day-Lewis. A tad bit of an over-the-top performance by Day-Lewis? Maybe. But an over-the-top performance by Day-Lewis is still a better acting performance by almost every actor in the business. I need to watch The Aviator again, though. Maybe I will change my mind.

These are honestly two of my least favorite Scorsese flicks. Gangs wins because of DDL.

Does anyone know what the motif of meat meant in The Aviator?

Gangs of New York just feels more like a Martin Scorsese film. For that, it wins.

The Aviator is great, but Gangs has greater scale and a better antagonist

The Aviator. Gangs of New York was awful.

Gangs of N.Y. The Aviator just goes around in circles and then ends abruptly.

Aviator is better screenplay and camera work, and leo's performance is 100x better in it.