The Bourne Identity vs. The Bourne Supremacy



on 7/3/2009


on 8/24/2009

3 > 2 > 1

on 9/18/2009

Doug Liman's The Bourne Identity is a damn fine film. But both Paul Greengrass sequels kick it to the curb. (I actually got a little seasick the first time I saw Supremacy--was glad I hadn't seen it in the theater--but now, I don't even notice the shaky-cam; it really does put you in the action.) And for me, Supremacy even just edges out Ultimatum, probably mostly because of Karl Urban. (I love that guy.)

on 11/9/2009

The first part of the trilogy is the best one, though all three are quite decent.

on 12/12/2009

Neither's more than a slightly above average thriller. The Bourne Supremacy's just a little more above average than The Bourne Identity, though. It has all the action of the original, except with a better storyline backing it.

on 8/9/2010

How can anyone call these movies "average"????

on 8/12/2010

I like Identity just a bit more than Supremacy.

on 8/13/2010

The first time I saw the Bourne Identity, I was stunned...stunned that Damon could be such a great action star, stunned that a spy film could be so simultaneously action-packed and realistic, stunned at the twists and turns. Which is why Supremacy was SUCH a let-down: no memorable action scenes or chases, a muddled plot I stopped caring about half way through, and that ANNOYING shaky-cam that has spread like the virus from 28 Days Later thru every decent action film. I get that it's SUPPOSED to "get you right in the action", but for me, all it did was make the action sequences confusing and sloppy. Identity >>> Supremacy.

on 11/8/2010

Supremacy was the weak link in this trilogy. (Especially because they axed the female lead in Supremacy and kind of craped on the classic original by doing so).


on 1/2/2011

Both are fine, fine films. But the insane car chase sequences, the emotional core and the surprises The Bourne Supremacy delivered made it just SLIGHTLY more superior, imo. The confession scene near the end was the clincher for me.

on 8/27/2011

Without the first movie, it would be impossible to have a second. Bourne Identity for the win.

on 8/27/2011

I prefer Identity to Supremacy. They're all great films, but the weakest of the three is Supremacy.

on 3/10/2012

Hard choice. I liked the Supremacy story better though the shaky cam was overbearing. I can imagine headaches in the theater. I'll go with Identity though they are both very close.

on 4/23/2012

I like the 1st the best.But i enjoyed the bourne supremacy more than identity the first time i saw it.They are both really great but i give identity credit since it was the first one and i just think it was done a little better.

on 4/24/2012

The Bourne Identity was great. Supremacy on the other hand was nearly ruined by the unbearable shaky-cam and a muddled story that is way too hard to follow.

on 5/18/2012

I found Supremacy to be the second strongest behind Ultimatum, so I'm choosing it here.

on 8/19/2012

Very close in quality. To say either one is better would be a fair argument. Personally I liked the second one just a wee bit better, but they're both relatively decent films.

on 8/20/2012

This is a close matchup but i was more entertained by Identity and the Chick getting killed 10 minutes into Supremacy pissed me off... Identity wins

on 8/21/2012

The first is a better film but personally I have to say that I like Supremacy. The scenes are more memorable for me, such as the opening scene, the Moscow car chase and when Bourne confronts the daughter of the couple he killed. More powerful in my opinion.

on 12/31/2012

Identity by a mile... killing the female lead at the beginning started things off on the wrong foot for Supremacy, even though I still think it's a great movie. Identity is just too good.

on 12/31/2012

The Bourne Identity is more re watchable for me but I have to say, I like Supremacy better. It's the only of the Damon trilogy that has everything. The entire film is the most suspenseful of the three and the back story with Bourne being haunted by his killings in the past works very well alongside the main plot. This is the most emotional of the films and that's why it wins this comparison for me.

on 12/31/2012

Identity for me though both are great. Supremacy feels like it lacks story a lot of the time.

on 1/19/2013

I like both much more than Ultimatum (haven't seen Legacy yet, although I'm not banking on anything amazing). I would happily watch the two together, but I think I preferred Supremacy as its story felt much more personal and emotionally driven. Identity was a game-changing thriller (which has aged a bit admittedly), but Supremacy had a more energized plot, a much better performance from Damon (his gf getting killed off at the beginning worked in making me sympathetic towards him, especially after going through their on-screen chemistry in Identity) and more interesting plot twists. I'll agree that the shaky cam has its dramatic limits, but I found it less bothersome and more enhancing in Supremacy than Ultimatum, probably because Supremacy had a much better plot and more interesting characters. So while these are definitely the two best in the Bourne series, Supremacy wins for me.

on 3/6/2013

Love both but supremacy had to much shaky came.Identity is better.

on 7/6/2013

Supremacy beats Identity pretty easily for me.

on 9/7/2013

no contest what so ever

on 1/1/2014

Supremacy for me.

on 1/11/2014

Supremacy could win this one

on 6/17/2014


on 6/18/2014

Ultimatum > Supremacy > Identity >>>>>>>>>>> Legacy

on 9/12/2014

The original is the only good film in the trilogy. Supremacy and Ultimatum are both terrible.

on 9/12/2014

I've seen Ultimatum and Legacy, and they are so bad, they are not on my rankings.

on 9/13/2014

Enjoy both but I like Supremacy quite a bit more.

on 9/13/2014

The first one in the trilogy is the best one in the trilogy.

on 10/20/2014

Supremacy can wins this easly

on 10/20/2014

Supremacy for now, Identity does not win this No.

on 10/21/2014

I think I liked Identity but all three are great. And then there's 4... we don't talk about 4.

on 10/6/2015

Bourne Supremacy

on 1/1/2016

Identity wins easily.

on 4/12/2016

I'm not too sure. I think I like these two over the 3rd. I'm going with Supremacy on this one. Bourne 5 will be epic!