The Bourne Identity vs. X2



X2 is the better film and X-Men is the better trilogy. Logan is the deeper and cooler memory loss anti-hero and he packs an incredible group of supporting characters.

X-2 for me....Bourne was solid, but I agree with the above....

I agree that X2 wins this but I'm not sure it's the better trilogy. It does have the better cast for sure but the Last Stand is the worst of these two trilogies. 1: X2 2: Ultimatum 3: Identity 4: X-Men 5: Supremacy 6: Last Stand.

If it was X2 vs. Ultimatum or even Supremacy, I’d give pause. But against Identity, X2 wins out.

The Bourne Identity but x-men 2 is amazing.

Bourne Supremacy > Ultimatum > X2 > Identity > X1 > X2