The Bourne Identity vs. Casino Royale



Casino Royale may be the best Bond movie in the last few decades, but the Bourne series took the genre to a whole new level.

The Bourne Identity. Casino Royale has some cool action and a charismatic cast, but Bourne has better action, an equally engaging cast, and a much better story.

Casino Royale is over-praised. Does anyone remember the clunking, saccharine dialogue: "You're not going to let me in there are you James? You've got yourarmour back up." "I have no armour left, you've stripped it from me." Pfft, pathetic.


This was a hard choice for me. I could change my mind at any time. Casino Royale is not as suspenseful but highly entertaining.

Wow, two movies that redefined the action movie. This is a seriously hard choice.

Neither of these films "redefined" anything. What they did do is recapture the imagination of fans of action/spy thrillers tired of the campy, one-liner laden, grit free Bond and his merry band of impersonators. These both were vast improvements of what had become a creaky formulaic genre. Bond tired a couple of time to escape the cheesiness of the Moore years, throwing 007 into a korean gulag or mixing it up with Jinx, but these moves were undercut with invisible cars, pace based weapons and every other impersonal trick in the book. Both Casino Royale and Bourne give us real guys with real reactions to really challenging problems. Yeah sure they have laser pointers in their hips and defibrillators in their glove boxes, but they are more human than any spy since Harry Caul or George Smiley. Of the two, Bourne gets it most right, probably because (unless you've read the books) his story is a discovery and is more in line with the confusing world we are learning about as we go. Bond's a re-boot for a more complex world than the duality in which he was first born, but he still seems a little bit of a throw-back. Big points for Craig's single-minded Bond but the tip of the hat goes to the big screen's most determined new hero, Jason Bourne.

Casino Royale would not exist as it does without Damon's Bourne. And with Quantum of Solace, 007 became a Bourne rip-off. Still, Identity is the only film in the Bourne trilogy that I hesitate to vote over Casino Royale....

Well, flickme summed it up perfectly; both films are fantastic because they bring honesty to a genre that has abandoned it all too often. Right now, I'll agree with the pack and pick Identity, but these are SO close in my mind I could honestly see myself flip-flopping on them a lot.

Everyone compared these when Casino Royale came out, but IMHO it's not worthy of the comparison. Yes, it's far less ridiculous than the average Bond film, but let's face it, it's still pretty silly....

Casino Royal was by far one of the worst james bond films of all time. It sucked like crap. the Bourne Trilogy on the other hand, were some of the best action films I've seen in a long time. The Bourne Identity wins by a long shot! Also, Matt Damon is 50x the actor Daniel Craig is or ever will be.

not even a question bourne i way better

Bond would beat Bourne ANY DAY!

Casino Royale! Bond rules over least in this match up....

I love them both but Casino Royal is the better movie. Identity is better than Quantum, Skyfall and WAY better than Specter.

Hmmm, need to really re-watch both to make a proper judgment but I recall enjoying Casino Royale more.

The Bourne identity I'm not the biggest James Bond fan.