The Bourne Identity vs. V for Vendetta



There was a time when I implied that dystopian movies will probably beat other things when they come up. That time was 2 rankings ago with Minority Report and Rocky. Well, I wanted V to be that movie, but it disappointed me, despite its very cool posters. Bourne is an unstoppable force who would kill V with a hardbound geography book.

Ha, yeah, Bourne is pretty awesome although I did like V as well.


I'd take V for Vendetta over all the Bourne movies.

you know what i'm changing my mind, i'll go with V

Bourne Indentity is one of the best spy thrillers ever. V for Vendetta wasn't as good as I'd hoped it would be. Too much pseudo-intellectual chin stroking.

The Bourne Identity

Going with Bourne Identity.

Bourne identity but I love both.

V For Vendetta. I'd only put Supremacy above it.