Captain Phillips vs. Zero Dark Thirty



Both films have things in common especially in relation to their political connections in real life. I think I’m going to go with Captain Phillips, ZDT was riveting but I think that Hanks has given one of his best performances in the last 20 years as Phillips, and Barkhad Abdi, does a remarkable job at keeping up with Hanks. The story emotionally gut wrenching, the intensity constant (both of these also apply to ZDT but I felt a little more connected to Phillips). The last scene was probably one of the most emotional scenes the entire year.

Captain Philips

Captain Phillips

I left Captain Phillips with water in my eyes I was so moved, I left Zero Dark 30 feeling a hole in my stomach I was so moved. Both incredible films, but Captain Phillips by a nose.

As much as I enjoyed Captain Phillips, I felt that it was rather baggy around the edges, unusual for Paul Greengrass considering his track record of making tight, sharp thrillers (United 93, the Bourne films). Fantastic performances from Hanks and Abdi (the former giving easily his best performance since Castaway, and possible before even that, and the latter arguably giving the most convincing, well-pitched portrayal of a rounded "bad guy" to have ever come out of the Hollywood machine), and Greengrass brings his usual tricks to the table to keep things ticking over, but between the lifeboat jettison and the final confrontation, the film surprisingly began to sag, with Hanks and Abdi being the only thing keeping it alive. ZDT never disappointed, never sagged and always managed to keep me on the edge of my seat, despite being a good 25 minutes longer than Captain Phillips, which I suspect was down to a more invigorating script. So while I'm glad to have seen CP and will probably watch it again at some point, I'd rather watch ZDT again.

Zero Dark Thirty, don't get me wrong i think Captain Phillips was a great movie, but i could feel it's length at times, ZDT being the longer movie, was brilliantly paced and very riveting, even though you know how it ends.

Wow! That's a hard choice. I'll take Zero Dark Thirty but it is subject to change.

Both films about how horrible the American government is because they kill people who are potentially dangerous. In Zero Dark Thirty, this angle is really interesting and thought-provoking. In Captain Phillips, it just comes out of nowhere, and was probably one of the weaker elements of the film. Both great movies, but Osama, man. Osama. He's in good movies.

zero dark thirty but i really liked Cap P, but ZDT is nearly a masterpiece in my eyes

Captain Phillips

Captain Phillips

Zero Dark Thirty is the more gripping drama.

Captain phillips easily.Zero dark had and great first 30 mins and great last 20 mins, mid portion was painfully boring