The Angry Birds Movie vs. The Emoji Movie



Angry Birds was a million miles more cynical than the Emoji Movie, and both were painful watches. But at least Birds had really solid animation and at least 1-2 light laughs. Emoji had none of those.

What're these doing on here? They're not movies.

Angry Birds for being the first good video game movie

I agree with NotLoganCrews. Birds for me but I'm not a fan of either.

The Emoji Movie wins for sure. At least that movie isn’t being blindlessly praised by people like the Angey Birds movie. Though the Emoji Movie was terrible, it at least had character development, a little bit of emotion, somewhat of a story, somewhat of a good message at the end, cool action scenes, not as many cringeworthy jokes, and doesn’t have a long out of place pee joke in the movie. The Angry Birds Movie was outright garbage with no redeeming quality whatsoever.

I weep for this generation. Well, maybe not actual tears but I shake my head a lot at millennial stupidity.

The Emoji Movie was so formulaic and idiotic that every frame insulted the audience's intelligence (it can't be a coincidence that the phone holding the emojis belonged to a callow young teenaged boy). The Angry Birds wasn't exactly Miyazaki, but it did manage to fit its gameplay silliness onto something vaguely resembling a plot.

Probably Angry Birds