The Host vs. Oldboy



I think I missed why there was so much fuss about The Host. Old Boy by a lot for me.

There's a lot to like about The Host, but I didn't buy that CGI monster for a second, and unfortunately that's a pretty big deal in a monster movie. Oldboy's about 1% as smart as people say it is, though. I guess I dislike The Host less because it's much less interested in being "art".

Oldboy. Not even close.

Yes oldboy is the better film but for a Low budget korean horror film Host was great funny, sad and loads of fun!

My two favourite South Korean films, love both but yeah I have to give it to Oldboy, it's the better film overall.

Oldboy is sick. Sick wins.

Korean "Jaws" vs Korean "Oedipus the King". Both are GREAT, but ultimately the edge goes to Oldboy

both much more intelligent and much finer filmmaking than they get credit for sometimes, but oldboy is superior

I'd be in the very small minority that prefers Spike Lee's remake of Oldboy. The Host suffers from very dodgy CGI, but it's the better film here.

Oldboy is brilliant and wins this match-up quite comfotably.