Chinatown vs. North by Northwest



Well, shit.

Chinatown, no contest, I always found North by Northwest overrated

I'd say both are overrated, but Chinatown is more egregiously so. North by Northwest is a FAR more enjoyable film to watch. Easy choice...

Very close call....but I'll go Hitchcock over Polanski here...

Really close for me. Both are top 25. Currently NXNW is at 25 while Chinatown tops it at 20. I'm just a sucker for mystery thrillers more so than espionage thrillers. Great battle though for sure!

Jack Nicholson doesn't hold a candle to Cary Grant.

Damn right he doesn't! NBNW easily.

NBN may be a tad overrated but Chinatown is extremely overrated. Jack Nicholson, as great an actor, cannot compete with Cary Grant or Hitchcock.

Nah, NxMW

North by Northwest



Nicholson’s acting is for sure better than Grant’s, but NBN gets the nod for sure