Chinatown vs. The Wizard of Oz



Ow. One of the greatest fantasy movies ever against one of the landmark films of the Seventies. I'm leaning towards Oz now.

Yikes, Flickchart. Yikes.

This is literally my number 1 against my number 2. They are both perfect films.

Oh and I chose Chinatown, it has a slight edge artistically.

Chinatown is a fantastic film but I'm going with the nostalgia of The Wizard of Oz.

This is absolutely no contest for me at all. Chinatown's story is much more intriguing and runs rings around Wizard of Oz with its performances.

Chinatown, easily!

I do like Wizard of Oz. It's masterfully done entertainment. That being said, it still doesn't resonate with as me as it does to everybody else. Chinatown is a noir masterpiece that never drops the ball and got a complex story AND complex characters. Love love love it.