Avengers: Infinity War vs. Raiders of the Lost Ark



Infinity War was watchable much fun for me, don't really like Indy very much.

Tough choice, love them both, but I think I'll choose Infinity War for now. Maybe with time that will change, but two great movies.


Raiders of the Lost Ark for the win.

Honestly two of the very best adventure films ever made. Have to go Infinity War because it pays off a decade of greatness.

Infinity War.

Infinity War was far from awesome really. It was messy mindless fun. Raiders was awesome. Completely awesome.

Who knows. Maybe in 1000 years the people who chose Infinity War will be worth something. (Only joking, but you get the idea)

Infinity War is one of this century's best films. Yet, Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the last century's best. Ho momma!

Best of the best. Have to go with Avengers.

Infinity War is just so damn good.

Infinity War is definitely far better, Raiders is far overrated...

Raiders of the Lost Ark is much better.


Two of the greatest movies ever made by mankind. Who would have ever thought that "talkies" would get this good???

Raiders for me, Indiana Jones is my role model

Easy one. Infinity War. No contest.

Raiders. Infinity War had more problems.Maybe when Endgame comes out things will change but for now Raiders.

Infinity War is superior of the level, it is maximum awesome far way better than anything Indiana Jones.


Raiders of the Lost Ark started me on the Path of the Cinephile. Infinity War was alright, but nothing that particularly moved me out of my seat or anything. After watching it, I thought about it for a short time and moved on. I don't feel the need to see it again. At best, it set up my interest for the next film, which I probably won't think much about, either, after I see it.

Infinity War is definitely the best watchable entertainment ever made, raiders is rarely the most overrated film ever.

Infinity War owns here..

Not a Raiders fan actually so infinity war easily.

Raiders of the Lost Ark easily. Don't understand how IW is winning this.

Fuck marvel's best movie. Still ariders

Raiders owes infinty war fucks

Raiders' a superior dick down to infinty war

what a joke lol. raiders >>> IW and it's my fav mcu movie

Are you kidding me? Raiders by a massive landslide!

This matchup is embarrassing, raiders by miles

I adore Raiders...but Infinity War has slowly passed it up...

No way does this matchup even exist. Raiders by a landslide.