Avengers: Infinity War vs. Thor: Ragnarok



Infinity War for me


Too many jokes in Ragnarok, c'mon!

Can any of us watch Ragnarok from this point forward and not think about where it ends at the start of Infinity War???

The first scene of Infinity War alone is better than Rangarok!

I know that people think Ragnarok is too jokey, but to be fair, it IS a comedy. It's a funny movie with some serious moments. Infinity War is a serious movie with some funny moments. I enjoyed the humor in Ragnarok, but the humor in Infinity War was pretty hit and miss for me. I'm going to be the odd man out here and go with Thor Ragnarok because I just found myself enjoying it more.

Both awesome but so sad Infinity War is where Ragnarok ended up.


Great films. Thor needs to give the ax to Beta Ray Bill in the next Thor movie and get his real hammer back!

Two of my favourite MCU films. Avengers


Ragnarok the cut that continues the series though infinity war.


Avengers win this.

Infinity War is awesome. Ragnarok has its moments but tone and too many jokes lands it middle of the MCU pack. Very good but not great.

Thor Ragnarok is extremely entertaining and one of my favourite mcu films.

infinity war is way better than thor ragnarok

I mean....I just love both of these, but small edge to Infinity War...