Avengers: Infinity War vs. Inception



Inception is a pure masterpiece, but Infinity War has a better action.

Inception is one of the modern day masterpieces. Infinity War is a decent action extravaganza.

LOL. Nolan films are far superior than any marvel film.

Fact: Avengers: Infinity War craps all over anything Nolan has ever done.

Complete and total obliteration by Christ(opher) Jonathan James Nolan, Marvel's limp little excuse of a climax doesn't even come close.

I respect Christopher Nolan and like many of his films, but i have never really enjoyed Inception as many others have. Infinity War wins this quite easily for me


Inception is infinitely a better film.

Inception without a second thought. Infinity War was mediocre, the only good thing about it being the action.

Infinity War crushes all comers. CRUSHES.

If the space, mind, reality, power, soul, and time stones were actually used thoughtfully to make the best movie (balanced, as all things should be) - we'd get Inception.

Infinity War by far.

Infinity War is ultimately far watchable and superior, inception is pure boring and very overrated.

Inception is the better film

Avengers is by far the better film. All of them in fact.

I'm going Infinity War, but both were great....

Avengers: Infinity War destroys and exceeds anything Nolan could ever hope to craft.


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Inception has better action. But, Inception has better direction, story, premise, cinematography, sound design, score, and acting. Inception is far more ambitious, visually, artistically and intelectually. Infinity War is great, but Inception is in an entirely different league. After the hype for the MCU dies down, people will think that this comparison a joke.

IW has better action, sorry. But Inception still crushes

both of this is in my top 3 of the decade

Inception is easily better than any MCU film.

Inception is infinity times better than infinity war

Infinity War is far better. Inception is laughable looking back. Mr. Page really hurts the rewatch.

Inception is much better, IW is just a popcorn flick. Bad writing and Hulk's comedy relief hurts a rewatch,

Inception is faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar better than the best marvel movie

Two of my Top 10 Favorites of the 2010's, but I have to give it to Inception... barely for me personally.

Inception is much better, infinity war is not as bad as it's sequel, but still a bad movie, inception is the second best nolan movie

HE HA HE HA.... Infinity War crushes anything and everything Nolan has ever done or can hope to do.

Inception is far more visceral and sophisticated than Infinity War, even though both are equally entertaining.

Inception. More realistic fantasy.

Infinity War is a fun spectacle, but Inception destroys it in every way imaginable

Whoever said this said it best: "Avengers: Infinity War destroys and exceeds anything Nolan could ever hope to craft." TRUE DAT.

I hate how people are just generalizing Nolan or Marvel films as something they must practically disown just because they call one massively superior. Both of these films are great! I lean towards Inception, but I can and still do love Infinity War.

Inception. Johnathan Nolan rocks.

Infinity War wrecks anything Nolan has ever done or ever hopes to do.

Inception is better than the best superhero movies. What good is Marvel and their repetitive content.

OMG there are both hyper amazing. I like avengers infinity war better but inception is a mega masterpiece Also. OMG so Hard.

Infinity war is My favorite movie

Inception, and pretty easily too. I feel that it did quite a lot of stuff better

To specify, Infinity War is an amazing movie. But it has quite a few flaws. I think the relationship between Wanda and Vision, which should have been one of the more focused on things in the movie, is left very underdeveloped. I think that the CGI has moments of weakness. I would also say that some of the jokes don't land. But the movie works very well overall. It uses multiple storylines, but manages to connect them very nicely, leading up to a haunting and pretty unexpected 3rd act. But overall, Inception is a more intelligent film, a more mindfucking film, a more emotional film, and overall just better in general