Avengers: Infinity War vs. The Dark Knight Rises



Infinity Way certainly crushes the worst overrated Dark Knight Rises film.

TDKR by a landslide.

The Dark Knight Rises is atrocious on every level. Ruined the trilogy according to most.

SquareMaster may be the only account to vote for Rises (this is coming from someone who doesn't even like Marvel)

Infinity War was absolute garbage. Even TDKR had flaws but Infinity War was worse.

TDKR is 10 times better than Infinity War.

Infinity War was Transformers level bad.

TDKR sucks more than just garbage. It sucks on every level.

Dark Knight Rises was trash.

TDKR is motherfucking worst bullshit movie ever, Infinity War crushes here on every way!



Both aren't great but I preferred The Dark Knight Rises.

Wow, yall are giving Bane ZERO credit, he was so much cooler than anything from The Avengers.

Bane is far worst ever, Avengers certainly hands down this matchup in every way.

Infinity War easily

@Drogon24 and @SquareMaster316 you guys are returded idiot assholes.

Tdkr best

Infinity War is one of the best and very far watchable best of the infinity saga, the dark knight rises is mostly the worst boring disappointing and carried vey disturbing flaws and mostly ended on a massive let down.

Go fuck yourself Cxfatesniper8ck you stupid piece of shit TDKR is one of the great Comic Book ever along With BB and TDK and i agreed that IW is a better movie and if you think is garbage than Watch his rating on IMDB and Rotten Tomattoes in wich is above from BB that means almost the 100 % people love that movie so much and you re one of the few faggots who talk shits about this movie so STFU you stupid dumbass

Go fuck yourself Danthropunk64

Infinity War ended things in epic fashion even if I don't agree with all the decisions the Russo's made. TDKR was a clusterfuk of a bad film that ended Nolan's trilogy on the sourest note possible. No contest here.

This is no compression, infinity war is the far best third film of the saga, TDKR is mostly bad disappointment but too flawed evenly bad ending of the dark knight trilogy.

infinity war is the best MCU movie ever and dark knight rises is the worst DC movie ever. Need I say more???


The Dark Knight rises over Infinity War.

Infinity War easy, TDKR is mostly far far bad in every mode.

Infinity War wins cause it has less flaws and more entertaining than Rises

Definitely Rises is 100% better.

infinity war snaps TDKR out of existence!

Cxfatesniper8ck even if infinity war is better, rises isn't as bad as you think it is, you're just saying this because you hold a grudge against squaremaster

Infinity War is much better in my direction.

Avengers infinity war is recommended the far best of all in the MCU, who even admit that TDKR recommended better here it is obviously the flawed let down disappointing bad ending of the trilogy.

it was nowhere near bad lol yall act like its captain marvel level bad smh

Infinity War definitely takes this nod easily.

Infinity War has the best unique storyline and characters no hesitation here.

Love both but Infinity war is better.

infinity war, tdkr, logan, tws and joker are one of the best cbms this year

dude you act like everything i said is supporting rises + i voted for infinity war so shut it


Infinity War, rises is terrible.

This can’t be close infinity war owns this with ease.

Rises is just pure trash, no possible way.

Dark Knight Rises destroys

gotta love how cxfate brings his alts in the moment the comments are equal

The MCU gets the nod...

fuck you retarded noobpb17 voting for marvel

Both @noobpb17 and @thecrackers are being more dumb forgotten stupid.

Marvel is so much better that involves with good cinematic of all.

TDKR wins, but i'm tired of Cx using alt accounts..

well i voted for infinity war so i guess infinity war is forgettable and stupid?

We have to agree that MCU is so much better than any DCEU era that gotten load of bad such as justice league even the dull man of steel and for most is TDKR in the whole way.

How could MCU will be forgotten obviously it isn’t.

you said it "im being more dumb forgotten stupid" and i voted for infinity war so i guess infinity war is forgettable and stupid by your logic

infintiy war is forgettable and stupid yes but not as endgame stupid which you all like to suck off

infintiy war is forgettable and stupid yes but not as endgame stupid which you all like to suck off

Infinity War is way better, TDKR is trash forgettable bad.

Infinity War isn’t stupid forgettable, TDKR is stupid forgotten in while every way.

but you said any movie i choose = stupid and forgotten

i will only agree that infinity war isn't the worst of the overrated mcu

Nope MCU is wayyy better.

Most DCEU is turd trash.

Anybody who is going on man of steel, batman vs superman and TDKR is an idiot dull face

Why you keep spamming over and over piece of shit

IW is amazing, but TDKR is better.

Man of Steel is genuinely good, and BvS is underappreciated for sure.

I prefer rises due to his sheer scope.

TDKR doesn’t stand a chance.

Can you stop? Jesus Christ! I am going to report you

I prefer TDKR but this shows how salty and aggressive marvel fans really are.

Just stop it I am tired of this

Stop it now then. And respect other people opinions.

You don’t respect just stop it then I’ll stop

I’ll stop now, stop commenting it’s boring.

Avengers: Infinity War is the best MCU movie and it beats The Dark Knight Rises by a bit

infinity war is excellent, dark knight rises is a masterpiece

still prefer TDKR, both are one of the best third installments ever

It is the dark knight rises, over that badly made popcorn movie

What the fuck did I just read through? Jesus, imagine cursing someone just because they have a conflicting choice of opinion. As for my opinion on the matter, I'm a bit conflicted. Rises had several scenes and sequences that were my favorite of the trilogy, and it looked amazing as well. But the film does fall flat in some of the things it tries to achieve. It tries to implement unique themes while also tying in the themes of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, and I feel it just wasn't able to do so effectively enough. Still, by no means, a bad film, but it's not a masterpiece, and definitely the weakest of the trilogy. I do feel that while I love Rises more, I think Infinity War is a better movie. It doesn't try as hard, and manages to be better for it.

TDKR. Much better movie